Sunday, February 27, 2011

Princess Bride

Good morning blue skies and sunshine!  What a beautiful day to begin the search for the perfect bridal gown for my princess!  Off to Montgomery Jenna and I go with my Mama (better known to everyone as Meme), and Sarah, her maid-of-honor and life long best friend.

Our first stop was All About Weddings.

George's mom, Aggie, joined us for the fun!

Jenna tried on lots of pretty dresses!      And the staff was great!          
We did decide on the perfect shade of white that was best on Jenna.  Who would have ever guessed there were so many shades of WHITE?

The next stop was a quaint little boutique, Bridals by Penolia, on Mulberry Street.

Jenna tried on 2 gowns and really liked the second gown.  Hmmmmmm......will this be the one?

A precious expression on Meme's face as she watches her baby Jenna try on wedding dresses!

Off to eat lunch at Shashy's and then a little deversion to East Chase to visit a couple of stores (while we were in the area)!

Our final store was David's Bridal!  Boy was it crowded and we didn't know you had to have an appointment!                            

But after a little wait, off Jenna and Sarah go to the dressing room with the first pick!  It wasn't long before Sarah reappeared trying to hold back laughter as she asked me to help.  Apparently, neither she or Jenna could figure out exactly how to get in the dress with so much netting and fluff!

Well.....netting, fluff and lots of glittzy beads looks great.......if you want to look like a cupcake!

 During this time, Meme finds a little friend named Hannah.  Meme loves the little ones and I think both of them have had about all the wedding shopping they could stand for one day!

I don't think little Hannah was the only one that was tired of shopping!  Do you????

  Jenna finds 2 more gorgeous gowns that look stunning on her so now....... which will it be?

We are going to review the pictures I made and sleep on it a few days because.........this is my baby girl, a piece of my heart, my princess and...... this dress has to be perfect and exactly what she had dreamed about!  After all, she is my princess bride!!!!! 


  1. Donna - You might love a cute shop in Bham called Bella Couture. Reasonable prices. Call for an appointment. They were super nice. We used Penolia too! She is great too. Jenna is stunning!! Love you all.

  2. I don't normally read blogs, because of time. but IlLoved it...made me feel like I was with you all. Jenna looked beautiful in all the dresses shown...can't wait to see the one she picked out!!! Love your blog.

  3. Also, another fabulous store (I was told by a friend of my daughter's) is "Ivory and White" in Crestline Village, Birmingham. They have a website if you google Ivory and White....good luck!!

  4. Love this Mrs. Donna!!! So glad you are documenting this for Jenna! Can't wait to see the wedding cake post! :-)